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Cow riding

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COW RIDING, yes, if you really do not like horseback riding, why not try a cow instead. It also makes much more fun; at least it did for us 🙂 At Bolderhof, not far from Schaffhausen, they greeted us in the morning, and after a cup of coffee, waiting for the weather to get better, we went to the cows. They had been washed, polished and were ready with blankets on the back, no real saddles here. First you need to get to know your cow; ours were Bavaria and Irma 🙂 After a short walk along a road, also to get the feeling about the strength and the nature of the cows, we were helped up on the cows and started the ride. IIIiiiihh-hah! Well, they are not fast, they have their own tempo and to some extent, also ideas about direction, you could say the steering control was a bit sloppy from time to time. In particular when the cow sees interesting new nutrition options 🙂 , or a puddle of water. This is fun. After a while we reached the river Rhine and, as planned, the cows when straight into the river. And then they just stood there, occasionally drinking – a lot, with us just waiting on the back, relaxing and enjoying the situation, saying hello to puzzled people drifting by on boats. Then the ride continued along a forest, then over fields, back to the farm. Ok, not directly, Lenes cow, Irma, for example wanted to taste the fresh and lush corn, so it went goal-oriented into the corn field 🙂 THEN back to the farm. The cows were released from the burden of our weight and left for eating and relaxing while we had some refreshing drinks, too. After the long ride our walking style was close to John Wayne’s after a long day in the saddle 🙂 All in all, the friendly and helpful staff of Bolderhof made us feel comfortable with the cows. If you want to try something completely different, go COW RIDING. Bolderhof also produces and sell their own cheese and other products from their organic farming.
This time we stayed at Hotel Kronenhof right in the centre of Schaffhausen. A very, very nice 3-star hotel where all members of the staff really knows how to run a hotel, amazing!


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