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Summer in Denmark

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SUMMER in Denmark, finding and rediscovering some really nice and interesting places.
The Sand-Covered Church is a 14th century church in the most northern part of Denmark not far from Skagen. Already about 1600 the sand dunes started moving and slowly covered the church – and even small villages, too. In the beginning, people tried to keep the sand away, at times even dig out the entrance before the service. Nevertheless, by 1795 they had to give up and abandon the place. T
oday only the tower is left…

In the south-west end of Denmark, outside Esbjerg, the 5th biggest city of Denmark, we visited another landmark, the huge sculpture (9 meters high) “Man Meets the Sea”. Simply four sitting men, staring over the sea. Esbjerg also has Dyrehaven, a peaceful forest and meadow with a deer enclosure. Here we could feed the wild (persistent but cute) animals with pieces of carrots! 🙂 

Do you remember the 70’s? In The Old Town (Den Gamle By), an open-air museum in Aarhus, over 75 historic buildings tells part of the long Danish history. Some of them are dedicated to the year 1974! Apartments shows how socially different families lived at that time, you can look into the drawers, the fridges, the bath rooms etc. They all look as if the families just left. A radio & TV shop, a grocery, a bookshop, a bakery, and other shops in the streets are still open as in 1974 
🙂 A funny Memory Lane.

We also managed to visit our beautiful Danish winery, well we just have small shares of it, Glenholm. The first wines were planted in 1993 and has expanded ever since, so today the planted area is 2,5 hectares where 4 varieties of grapes are grown. Two generations of the hard working Madsen family runs the winery with great pride. In good years, the Glenholm Winery produce up to 7000 bottles of wine. There is also a café where you can enjoy a delicious wine maker plate with local products together with the wine, or even a beer partly made from grapes – fruity and refreshing. Or go for a wine tasting in the bar after a tour in the wine fields and the winery. In the shop, you will find all the actual wine together with other delicious products from the winery.






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