Trips in Switzerland

The Waterfall

RHEINFALL, or the Rhine Falls, is the largest waterfall in Europe, measuring 150 meters in width. It is always a pleasure to experience the massive amounts of water. If you can choose, then come during summer when the flow is more than 600.000 liters per second! Many paths, steps and even a glass panoramic elevator lead to the falls. And very close, you can even touch it, and get fairly wet too! 🙂
In the Laufen castle a museum includes interesting information about the hist
ory of the falls.

From the other side of the water fall boats takes you to the rock in the middle of the water falls, climbing the stairs, hearing the nearby roaring water is a terrific experience. Again, expect to get wet, this is the wild nature! 🙂 

You can follow the actual amount of water flow here:

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