Trips in Switzerland

The Goms Bridge

The BRIDGE over the Lamma Gorge just sways a little when crossing it. The 280 meters long suspension bridge hanging 92 meters above the river Rhône leads from Fürgangen to Mühlebach, the oldest wooden village centre in Switzerland. The opening of the bridge in 2015, with the baptism by the local hero, 2014 Olympic gold medalist in snowboarding, Patrizia Kummer, gives much easier access to the many hiking routes in the area.

After heroically crossing the shaky bridge 🙂 it’s only 2 minutes more to the cutest little café run by Amanda. She opened the café shortly after the bridge was finished. Here you will be spoiled by homemade treats made from local produces. Having the coffee or tea on the terrace, with a wonderful view to the village and the snow covered mountains, just adds to the great ambience of Amy’s Schafstube.

Hint; to reach the bridge, park on the small parking lot by Fürgangen and follow the signs to the pedestrian tunnel under the road.

Hiking track:



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