Trips in Switzerland

The ALETSCH glacier


The greatest glacier in the Alps – it‘s HUGE!!!! First of all it begins with a massive 900+ meters thickness of compact ICE, and this ice “river” stretches over 22 kilometres. Terrific, overwhelming, stunning…etc.….The glacier moves about 180 meters per year, 2 cm’s a day 🙂 ending up as cold, cold, water forming the river Massa. It’s difficult to explain a glacier, you just have to see it, experience it. Since 2001 the Great Aletsch Glacier has been part of another UNESCO World Heritage site, and no wonder.

We travelled from Fiesch by two cable car tracks to Eggishorn in 2869 m.a.s.l. Apart from the glacier; there is also a view to many of the well-known summits like Mönch, Eiger, Jungfrau, Dom and Matterhorn. Only drawback, we forgot to write our wishes on the “Lucky stones”, se we have to get back! 😉



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