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PIZZERIA NAPULÉ, World Champion Pizze in Switzerland!

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PIZZA! This post is not like our normal posts, but sometimes there is just something that we MUST share with you, our dear followers. We had been considering a visit to the Napulé restaurant for some time, especially after reading reviews about it and noting the fact that the owner and Pizzaiolo, Raffaele Tromiro, is nothing less but triple world champion in pizza making! The tasty high quality ingredients comes from Naples (Napoli/Napulé), no compromise here, the pizze are baked by 500 degrees in a wood oven. Both of us ordered the Pizza Cornucopia. Before the pizza we were served a fresh salad with bread and a lovely dressing of olive oil and lemon. Then our pizze arrived….honestly, the work behind, the long time rising of the dough, the quality of the delicious ingredients and toppings, takes the pizze of Napulé to a higher level than we have ever been served – fabulous. Even the hail and snow storm outside couldn’t change that we were simply in pizza heaven! If you are a pizza lover, and have the chance, then visit Napulé in Meilen, just 15 km from Zürich.
Buon appetito!!


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