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The BRIDGE in Sigriswil

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The Panorama Bridge by Sigriswil is yet another pedestrian bridge mainly built to make a (safer) school way for kids from Sigriswil and Aeschlen. The 344 meters long steel bridge hangs elegantly 182 meters over the bottom of the Guntenbach gorge, also called the Gumi gorge. It is also part of a panoramic circular hike around Lake Thun and other hikes. The view from the bridge is really fantastic – over the Lake Thun to the Bernese Alps, and of course down in the valley if you dare look down. Anyway, don’t worry about safety, the construction, finalised in 2012, is capable of carrying 102 tonnes, the same as 1360 person of 75 kg  and even in the worst storm it will not waggle more than 2 meters  Passing the bridge is free for the locals and kids under the age of 16, for others there is a fee.

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