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A medieval village, SAINT-URSANNE, Switzerland

SAINT-URSANNE, set in a narrow valley by the river Doubs, is a beautiful medieval town in the canton of Jura. Apart from the abbey church, many of the old houses, some from the 14th century, together with the wonderful four-arched sandstone bridge from 1728, gives a fantastic medieval atmosphere in the streets and alleys of this quaint town.

A good number of restaurants having outdoor seating options allows for a relaxed time enjoying the tranquillity of Saint-Ursanne. The name of the town refers to the Irish monk, Saint Ursicinus who, after living years as a hermit in a cave high (about 190 steps!!) over the town, is said to have built a monastery here in the 7th century when he finally decided to come down again! 
The statue on the bridge is Saint John of Nepumok from Bohemia, considered to be protector from floods and drowning…..

Saint-Ursanne is really a lovely village and it was absolutely not our last visit.
Small hint, just 25 minutes drive from Saint-Ursanne is the Prehistoric Park Réclère with 45 real size models of dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures along a 2 kilometer path in a forest. Great for kids, too. And Maggie also enjoyed the forest with these strange animals 

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