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RIBE, oldest town in Denmark! City trip.

RIBE is the oldest town in Denmark, it was founded around the year 704. Yes, 704! The inhabitants are called ripensers  In 2014 Ribe was chosen to be Europe’s Best Big Time Small Destination. This time we visited Denmark/Ribe to celebrate our daughter-in-law’s bachelor and then took the opportunity to explore the very, very old and beautiful houses in the narrow alleys and streets of Ribe, and enjoying typical Danish food and of course ice cream with guf!

Ribe Å (small river) runs through the town and to the Wadden Sea. A storm surge pillar reminds us about the highest water levels (up to more than 6 meters over the normal level) during storm surges in the area – thousands of people drowned during the worst storms. Today modern dykes protect the area, perhaps… 

Other interesting sights of Ribe are the Cathedral with fantastic views from the tower, the oldest town hall in Denmark, and the monastery with its courtyard with the only access through the church. Unfortunately, we couldn’t visit the courtyard, first, there was a funeral, then a wedding and then we had to leave for lunch ? .

Weis Stue, dating back to 1600 is one of the oldest inns in Denmark, the food was delicious and service super friendly. 

We stayed at the lovely hotel Kammerslusen, located where the Ribe Å ends by the chamber lock, the only way to reach the sea by boat through the dike. Along the last part of the river, there are about fifty tiny summer houses with views of the unique landscape. It is possible to walk on the dike and enjoy the stunning sunset over the sea and view to Esbjerg.

About half an hour from Ribe we also saw the huge impressive sculpture Man Meets the Sea, four sitting men watching the sea from the beach, west of Esbjerg.

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