Trips to Germany

Sleeping in a Wine Barrel

From 5-star to a night in a wine barrel, we love it all. This time we went to Schwarzwald (Black Forest), Germany. The Wild family offers 8 sets of wine barrels, one sleeping barrel and one barrel divided in a seating area and a toilet room. All placed in the middle of the wine fields outside the charming village Sasbachwalden. After arrival, a basket full of Schwarzwald delicacies, bread, 2 bottles of wine and a bottle of secco (and some water?) was placed in our eating barrel. We did not go hungry to bed 🙂
In the morning, another basket was delivered, including coffee, bread, cheese and marmelade.
This is really a wildly romantic experience, completely different from any normal hotel. You can stay all year round; don’t worry about freezing in the barrels, the electric heating does a good job.
(Actually we have been there three times, late autumn is a great experience)

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