Trips in Switzerland

LÖTSCHENTAL, beautiful Swiss valley

LÖTSCHENTAL, a long (27 kilometers) and quiet valley in the Bernese Alps, offers about 200 kilometers of hiking trails in unspoiled nature with rivers, glaciers, lakes, forest, and view to lots of surrounding 3 – 4.000 meters high mountain peaks. At the end of the main road through the valley, the starting point for hiking is a huge parking place with a fantastic view of the Lang Glacier. This is also where the Camping Fafleralp offers simple and very natural camping. Along the road, and the river Lonza, there are some villages, with Ferden and Blatten among some of the larger, with extremely old wooden houses and buildings, some of them more than 700 years old! On one of our pictures is a scary Tschäggättä!! a figure you will only find in Lötschental (related to the former isolation 😊 ) where the Tschägättäs, it is said, during the carnivals walk freely around in the dark and eerie villages and scares winter, and perhaps some kids, away. Before the Lötschen Valley train tunnel was finished in 1913, it was very difficult to visit this beautiful valley, but now it is a popular area for hikers as well as for winter sports. At the beginning of our visit here, we had lunch, including a very delicious Hokkaido soup and typical dried meat from Wallis, at the Nest- and Bietschhorn restaurant.


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