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MODERN ART? In the middle of beautiful nature…


HURRY UP! If you want to enjoy this spectacular modern piece of art, a suburban house completely covered by mirrors on all walls and even the roof, you will need to come to Schönried soon, the mirror house, called Mirage Gstaad, will only be on display until February 2021 (perhaps to March)! From the parking spot by the railway station in Schönried, it is just a 1 km hike to the Mirage Gstaad. As soon as we got out of the village, the view of the mountains was fabulous. A few steps more and the mirror house was already visible. It really is a special experience, a full-size house in mirror glass, in the middle of beautiful nature, from some angles nearly invisible when the mountains and the skies are mirrored in the surface of the house. Inside there are many rooms, like in a normal family house, even here the walls and the window frames are covered by mirrors. The installation was created by the American artist Doug Aitken in 2019. But, for the sake of nature,  for the life of the wild birds, and for the peace of the inhabitants in Schönried, it is good that the house/art/installation won’t stay here forever.

Mirage Gstaad – Doug Aitken – Gstaad 2019 – ELEVATION 1049

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