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Sleeping on the top

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Sleeping in a hotel 1924 meters above sea level is a special thing. As promised in our post from the visit at Berggasthaus Aescher-Wildkirchli, hereby a post about a less smart hike. Luckily ending good. 🙂
After leaving Aescher-Wildkirchli we headed for our goal, the Berggasthaus (“mountain hotel”) Schäfler where we had booked in advance. The hike was carefully planned, but at some point a sign post was missing/removed and we decided to follow the wrong direction. Without the will of turning back, with an inadequate map, but lots of good spirit, we continued on smaller and smaller tracks, steeper and steeper too…Until we finally arrived at Schäflers, just in time before a heavy rain storm hit the summit of the mountain where our hotel was situated.
After a great welcome by the hosts (the family running the hotel), we had a well-deserved cold beer before unpacking and enjoying a nice dinner.
The rooms, there are only 7 doubles and one single (and some rooms with multiple beds), are simple and cosy. We are not here for the modern comfort, but to feel the fresh air, enjoy the view and atmosphere.
It is also possible just to hike up for lunch and hike back again the same afternoon – that is, if you follow the right track, which happens to be a very good one as we found out the next morning 
http://schaefler.ch/index.php (Only in German).
The “right” route: 


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