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Camper Life – first trip with water challenges

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A few days ago, we finally got our new motorhome, the Hymer Tramp 678 CL. With the extra equipment, we had ordered it took a bit longer as agreed. But now it was ready, and we were so happy. Together with the dealer, we were taken through the motorhome, outside and inside, to check the many details and functionalities of the vehicle.  It was a fabulous feeling, but also a bit scary – thrilling, to drive home in OUR motorhome – and it’s a HYMER!

When we came home, we just needed to carry all our stuff for camping into the “garage”. During the past 2-3 years we had bought nearly all we thought we could need for a great campervan life. In the very beginning, we were determined to get a caravan, but as time passed by (and it took a while before our summerhouse in Denmark was sold), we realized a motorhome was much, much better for what we expected would fit our ideas of camping. Most of the things we acquired during this period, to be used in a caravan, could also be used in our motorhome. Then we drove to our parking place.

The day after, we spent the whole day unpacking, arranging everything in the kitchen, making the beds, sorting technical stuff in boxes in the garage, mounting propane gas cylinders (for the fridge and refrigerator, and for heating as well as hot water), making sure the external outlet for the BBQ gas was working, checking the WiFi connection, TV signal…. All was good, as expected, but still 😊

Then, this Easter, we went for our first trip. We just needed to pack a few items like clothes, some food, and drinks. On the way to our destination, we made a stop by a vehicle weigh station, just to check – all was good.

At our destination, we still needed to fill up our fresh water tank. This was where 2 of 3 challenges hit us. When filling the tank, the water was running out under the motorhome. Why? Well, it turned out that the drain valve was set to open instead of closed 😊So far so good.

The valve, as marked with the arrow, was supposed to be turned completely clockwise, to make sure the water stays in the tank. When turned anti-clockwise, it will empty the tank to a level of about 20 liters. (And if turning over the first stop, even empty the tank completely, if the motorhome is parked in level).

But that wasn’t enough. Water was also running out under the opposite side – the frost control valve for the heating system was in the wrong position, so it drained itself. Closed the valve, all was ok, finally. By the way, our water hose was too short, and I didn’t bother starting the motorhome again, so I had to walk a number of times with the water can, to fill in freshwater 😊.

The arrows mark two things on the frost control switch. The upper is showing the position of the switch to let water through from the heating appliance from Truma. The lower arrow shows the position of the switch in normal operation. If the temperature has been below 3 to 4 degrees Celcius, and the heating was not on, the button will spring out and water in the heating device will be emptied to avoid frost damages in the equipment.

The last little issue was a beginner’s fail by placing stuff in the drawers. A handle from a frying pan had turned during driving, so the drawer couldn’t open. With help from a torch and a long palette knife, the panhandle was turned and the drawer could be opened. During this operation, one of Lene’s fingers was squeezed into the drawer ☹.

So far so good. And everything else works very well. The 2 x 110-watt solar panels are doing a good job, so the 100AH lithium battery is almost always on more than 90 % capacity. And the new Cadac quick release connector for the external gas outlet fits perfectly, so we are prepared for barbecuing without having to bring an additional gas cylinder.

Lene had prepared a delicious chili con carne at home, so the first dinner was easy. And we were placed on a great spot on the campsite, with a wonderful view of Lake Thun. So much, from our first days as campers – we think we like it.

All in all, minor problems, and with a solution for each of them, it was just lessons learned. Now we can focus on other interesting things and even read some of the user guides (perhaps) and learn a lot more about our wonderful new Hymer motorhome. There are so many interesting details.



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