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Come along with us on a long weekend trip to Dent de Jaman, Chillon Castle, Pissevache, Montreux Riviera, Vevey, and the vineyards around Yvorne. An interesting list of sights, and we managed to experience it all during just a long weekend due to good planning. An exciting train trip from Montreux brought us to the foot of the mountain Dent de Jaman where the cozy little Buvette de Jaman serves delicious cheese fondue and rösti burgers. The Chillon island castle, with construction, started over 1.000 years ago, is a stunningly well-renovated castle open around the year for visitors. The 116 meters high waterfall, with the funny nickname Pissevache, literally “pissing cow”, and the official name Salanfe is very easy to reach with a 5-minute walk from the parking place. Walking the riviera of Montreux is also an easy walk, but interesting with many sculptures, some including plants. Beautiful views to the mountains, and at some point passing the bronze statue of the legend Freddie Mercury, and also his former home in Montreux. Also at the Swiss Riviera, but in Vevey, is the statue of Charlie Chaplin. His former home is now a museum dedicated to Sir Charlie Chaplin’s life and work. South of Montreux, we have found our favorite Swiss white wine in Yvorne, a light but delicate wine perfectly suitable for a rich cheese fondue. And the vineyards there are so beautiful. We are looking forward to seeing you again on our next trips.




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