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The Danish West Coast – with our camper

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The Danish West Coast is more than 500 kilometers long. During our last visit, we went to the beach of Vejers, Lyngvig, and Kryle. At all three places, the sandy beaches are extremely wide and at many sections it is possible to drive by car on the beach, even very close to the sea. At Vejers Strand (beach) we stayed at the campsite for two nights to allow us enough time to enjoy this very special place. Already early in the morning lots of anglers have found their favorite spot where they stay for hours, hoping to catch today’s lunch, or dinner – perhaps a big turbot or another flatfish. The seemingly endless beach and the land with the sand dunes behind are wild and beautiful, our absolute favorite part of the West Coast. The lighthouse of Lyngvig was built in 1906 and was the last lighthouse to be built on the West Coast. It is just 38 meters high but stands on a 17 meters high dune, so the light can be seen up to 50 kilometers away, in good weather. It is possible to visit the lighthouse and enjoy the view from the balcony at the top. The wide beach by Lyngvig is also a wonderful place for a hike along the coast. Kryle beach is a historic place, though not for the good, with 50 old concrete bunkers built during 1943-1944 to be part of the German Atlantic Wall. Most of the bunkers can be visited, if you dare, don’t forget a torch. Tours are also arranged by the local tourist office. One of the bunkers was rediscovered in 2008 after a storm – it was still intact with the contents more or less as when the bunker was left in 1945. It is now part of a permanent exhibition at the museum in Ringkøbing.

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