Trips in Switzerland

Hiking through the Devil’s Gorge – Teufelsschlucht, in Switzerland


Another short hike, this time through the Teufelschlucht – Gorge of the Devil! If you thought the previous gorge was beautiful, then have a look at this one. We parked in Hägendorf, just 40 minutes from Basel. We can highly recommend starting out early in the morning as we did. During the day, this particular gorge is very popular due to its vicinity to the town. Just a few hundred meters and the gorge is there, completely fairytale-like, green, nice cool. As it follows the little stream, the Cholersbach, it is loaded with waterfalls. The hiking path crosses the stream again and again, so there are many small bridges and just as many stairs to climb. Some stairs with natural steps, some made from wood or rocks. Along the stream, there are several opportunities for making your own bonfire, or just sit and relax, enjoying this wonderful little green fairy tale forest. All through the gorge, the landscape changes again and again after passing each little corner. We wish you all a very nice day in the Teufelschlucht.

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