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Hiking to Seealpsee and the Seealpchäs in Alpstein, Switzerland


SEEALPSEE, LAKE ALP LAKE… is located at 1.143 m.a.s.l. in the Alpstein area in Switzerland. Upon arrival, it is clear why pictures of the lake are so popular on all social media. IT IS JUST STUNNING. Surrounded by mountains and so quiet – at least on a workday. During weekends it can be a bit crowded on the hiking paths. So, we will definitely suggest starting a hike and visit Seealpsee early in the morning on a workday, if possible. We had parked our motor home at the huge parking place at the end of the road in Wasserauen. The fee for parking is just 5 Swiss Francs for 24 hours and there is a public restroom available. From the parking place, it is just 2,5 km to the lake. The first 900 meters or so, are relatively flat with just a slight ascend. THEN, the next kilometer goes UP and up and up, with an average of 18 – 20 % ascends before easing the rest of the way to the Seealpsee. Most of the road is paved. Apart from a few farmhouses, the first we see is the restaurant Forelle (Trout), with a huge terrasse and a wonderful lake view. Then there is a picturesque little chapel, the Bruderklausenkapelle, with outdoor seating in the coziest environment among trees and, again, great views of the lake. We continued clockwise around the lake, meeting lots of grazing cows and goats all over. It is possible to swim in the lake, perhaps catch a fish, rent a rowboat, or just sit down with a picnic or using one of the fireplaces for preparing your own lunch. At the western end of Seealpsee, there is a little family-driven cheese and butter dairy, the Seealpchäs. We had the chance to visit the dairy and the cheese cellars, what an experience, and such an energetic, enthusiastic, and friendly family. And they can indeed be proud of the products. It is continuous hard work, every day, to run even a small dairy in the alps. Meat from Alp pigs and calves is also available. The alp cheese is the best Chris has ever tasted, and the alp butter is fabulous, so clean, and fresh a taste, we wish we had bought more, but we will be back. They make other cheeses, and some experimental ones with different alp herbs, so another good reason for a later shopping visit. After visiting the Seealpchäs dairy we had lunch at the next restaurant, also named Seealpsee. Delicious food with a view difficult to beat. Then, it was time for the descent…less hard for the respiration 😊 but harder for the knees. All in all, a 7,5 km hike with plenty of photo stops.

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