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PIZOL hike

Yesterday, 1st August, we had planned a hike on the Pizol high altitude trail. Because of heavy wind on the plateau, we were advised to make a stop on the cable car middle station by Pardiel. From there we could still enjoy an easy hike of just 3.7 kilometres. The Heidipfad (Heidi track/path) is a well maintained path, the first part of it even suitable for wheelchairs and strollers, and all this in about 1650 meters above sea level!!!! There are nearly nowhere on this track without great views to the Rhine, Lake Constance (Bodensee), the other surrounding mountains and Vaduz in Liechtenstein. You can even recognize the castle of the Prince of Liechtenstein with a good eye or a binocular. About halfway we enjoyed a nice cold Sonnenbräu beer with a fantastic view outside the small Alp Schwarzbüel outlet. The complete track holds a theme of Heidi (and Peter and his goats). Children can keep track of the numbered goats, play in designated areas and enjoy a barefoot trail (also for adults of course). There is also a fireplace. For the bigger hunger, there are a number of restaurants at the end/beginning of the hike, for example the Berggasthaus Pardiel with a big sun terrace. Hint: check if there is a free table on the small terrace on the back of the building – with a view, again.
http://pizol.com/sommer-erleben/wandern/27/heidipfad (only in German)


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