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The Trift Bridge, built in 2009, is by its span of 170 meters, and also one of the highest suspension bridges in the Swiss Alps, a challenging walk for the brave ones 🙂
But the view from the middle of the bridge is fabulous – if you dare keeping your eyes open – to the Trift Glacier itself, the glacier lake deeeeep below you and of course the surrounding mountains.
To reach this stunning place, we first went by the cable car from Schwendeli in the Gadmer Valley. The short trip of approximately 2.3 km takes only 10 minutes. But, we were requested to decide on our return time when buying our tickets. “If you miss your scheduled time, you may have to walk down!” Seriously!! There are only 2 cabins carrying 8 persons each. The hike from the mountain station to the bridge is about 2 hours – each direction – of course depending on walking speed and number of photo stops.
We decided on a time slot of 5 hours, giving us enough time for a soup and a refreshingly cold beer at the mountain station Bistro, before leaving this beautiful valley.
The path is mostly easy, but still a challenging ascend/descend, 5.8 kilometres in total. The last few hundred meters you might need to crawl a bit from time to time if you fear the heights. Good footwear is a must, trekking poles recommended.


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