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Milano, Milan. We have visited this beautiful and lively city several times. Last time was June this year. We had pre-booked dinner on the Tram Ristorante ATMosfera on a Friday evening. Two old passenger trams have been converted into restaurants. There are two departure times per day, 20:00 and 20:30 and each tram seats just 24 persons.
Making a reservation for just two persons can be difficult, despite the fact that reservations can be made up to 75 days in advance. A table for four persons is easier to get. Anyway, the restaurant tram drives all days year round, so being flexible about the date helps. Check the link below and keep an eye on your preferred date and time.
The tram stop is just 200 meters from Piazza del Duomo. We and the other guests gathered at the tram stop, waiting excitedly for the tram to arrive. Each couple and group was accompanied to their table by the waiter. Menus and wines were selected in advance during the booking.
After departure a welcome drink, a small appetizer and dinner is served during the whole trip and finishes with coffee, of course. All very tasteful, not gourmet like, but really a nice dinner, and absolutely worth every cent. The tour lasts two and a half hours, including a smoking break about halfway 
😉The complete experience, the atmosphere, the speed and movement of the tram was perfectly in balance to make this end up nicely in yet another very, very memorable evening in Milano.

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