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The Feldschlösschen brewery in Rheinfelden, the biggest brewery in Switzerland, founded in 1876 was on our bucket list for long. Eventually we fixed a date for a visit with a guided tour on the premises. A tour on more or less any brewery tells a lot of history, this was no exception. Seeing the huge old copper vessels, the bottling/filling equipment is impressive. We also visited the stables with the beautiful Belgian dray horses. The Feldschlösschen brewery produces more than 40 different beers. Check the website for details of the capacity, wow! At the end of the tour we were served nice cold beers, actually we could taste as many as we liked. It was a nice day 😉 By the way the brewery is owned by the Danish Carlsberg Group. An interesting information about brewing; when Carlsberg were the official beer sponsor during EURO 2016 in France, Feldschlösschen pressed some buttons here and there in the brewery, and voilà!, out came millions of Carlsberg beers to be delivered in France!
PS! This is, however nice it might be, still a factory product. The are a LOT of other great Swiss beer made by smaller breweries, like Ueli Beer in Basel and Haarige Kuh Brauerei in Interlaken as spectacular examples. Cheers!

Link, in German: www.feldschloesschen.ch/home


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