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IF YOU are a cheese lover, THIS place is fabulous. We will never say to any one that they HAVE to go, but here we are pretty close! 🙂
Mr Bernard Antony, Cheese Master, established his first of seven cheese cellars in 1983. Today he and his team nurtures, yah, practically breeds 
🙂, and matures fantastic quality artisan made cheese, from all over France. Be it from goat, sheep or cow milk, with or without different fungus. Even cheese from other countries like England and Switzerland are included in the assortment.
And of course from non-pasteurized milk.
The variety is huge. But not bigger than the passion of these Cheese Masters.
Fromagerie Antony delivers to royal houses, presidents and fine, fine restaurants all over the world. And of course to you and us!
In Fromagerie Antony, in the small village Vieux-Ferrette, Alsace, cheese tastings can be enjoyed. We will recommend to make reservations in advance, this will make sure you get the best experience, because your cheese will be served at the right temperature.
Now, go for it, you will not regret.


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