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From the top of Denmark – our home country. This is the very end of the mainland, called Grenen (the branch), where two seas; Skagerrak and the Kattegat Sea, splashes against each other.
Fairly impressive, but don’t try swimming there!
The food picture shows a stjerneskud (typical Danish fish dish, normally with 5 different types of seafood) from a fish café at the beach of Thorup. Here the fishing boats are pulled from the sea by steel cables before unloading the fish. This 
is one of just a few lasting traditional fishing communities in Denmark, working like that.
On this 50th day since we published the site, we want to thank all of you for liking, sharing and following us. And all your warm and funny comments, we enjoy them very much! Almost 1600 followers are way over what we dreamt about. Thank you so much.
We hope we have left you with some inspiration to explore one or more of the places. Stay tuned for a lot more stories to follow 


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