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STANSERHORN is not really a very high mountain, by Swiss standards 🙂, just 1898 m.a.s.l. But still fairly impressive as it rises there from the valleys, and surrounded by lakes and other mountains. And getting there is a complete different experience compared to the other mountains. First part of the trip is by funicular, a train towed by cable. It has been like that since 1893. At that time the track reached the whole way up to a hotel (burned after being hit by a lightning strike in 1970) at Stanserhorn in three sections. From 1975 to 2011 a normal cable car transported visitors the last part to the summit.
THEN a renewal was due, and for the new cable cars the crazy idea came up; “Let’s build a cabriolet cable car!” The new cable car, called CabriO, has been in operation since 2012. We have never seen anything like it, and travelling to the summit standing on the roof of the cabin!!! Yes, standing on the roof! Unbelievable! A fantastic feeling, great 360° panoramic view, sunshine and fresh air – just hold on to the railing 
🙂 🙂 and enjoy. Perhaps not funny if you fear heights, but then it is still possible to stay downstairs/inside.
Arriving to the top, a revolving panorama restaurant and huge terraces including a special view-point terrace awaits visitors. Spectacular views from everywhere to anywhere. A short and easy hike, about 30 minutes, to and around the summit and you have seen 10 lakes and an endless number of mountains, terrific. Easy? Yes, because a point on the path, by the fireplace, and Stanserhorn in general, is another place of power with 22000 Bovis units.
Filled with impressions, we were still excited to travel down again by the CabriO. For the first time we actually wished the trip, standing on TOP of a cable car, would last longer.

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