Trips in Switzerland


The AREUSE GORGE is a magical place; the only sounds comes from the birds, the cascading water falls and some times a passing train. On hot summer days the shadow here is very comfortable. The trail begins at the train station of Noiraigue in Val de Travers (where absinthe was born!). Just follow the yellow signs to Gorges de l’Areuse and Boudry. During the approximately 11 kilometers, numerous bridges are passed and stairs climbed, but guard rails along the track makes it a safe, yet still challenging, hike. We had lunch at the charming restaurant La Truite. Another great hike with good friends.(The beer on the last picture is one of the best known Danish Christmas beer, specially brought for the birthday of our friend. The t-shirts symbolise our connection with Kenya, they were brought to Denmark from Nairobi by a lovely niece and then sent to us in Switzerland by post, great! 🙂 🙂 🙂 )


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