Trips in Switzerland


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CAUMASEE, Lake Cauma, near Flims and Chur, is among the most photographed lakes in Switzerland. And no wonder. Easy access on a paved path, and even a funicular for the last and steep part of the short walk, let all reach this “jewel of Flims” in a few minutes from the parking lot in Flims. The water shines in turquoise colours, and during summer it offers a refreshing bath with temperatures from 17 to 24 degrees Celsius. Ok, we visited in October so we did not try 🙂 But after lunch, at the restaurant by the lake, we walked through the autumn coloured forest to the viewing platform Il Spir. The view over the impressive Ruinaulta canyon, also known as the Swiss Grand Canyon (ok, ok, it is not THAT big) is breath-taking when standing on the, just slightly moving, platform and looking deep down. Another great experience in the Flims area before heading back home. On this 3 days trip we stayed at the Eden hotel in Ilanz which we booked through Hotelcard.ch. The view from the top room is fantastic and the restaurant serves burgers with gold and great pizzas.


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