Trips in Switzerland



CRESTASEE, Lake Cresta, is a small but beautiful lake, set in the forest near Flims. The lake can only be reached by foot or bike. A short hike from the parking spot, passing grazing sheep and cows leads to the lake and the restaurant of the same name (Gasthaus Crestasee). Before walking down to the lake, we had a delicious lunch on the terrace with a wonderful view over the blue-green lake. The water is refreshingly cold – ok, actually very cold 🙂 but in the summer time people are swimming here. While we were there a small girl fell in the water while playing on a raft – wow, she came up fast from the cold water 🙂 On the deepest part, there is 14 meters to the bottom. The lake is fed from underground sources and due to the amount flowing in the quality of the water is perfect. Surroundings are stunning and the peace around this forest lake is fantastic.

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