• Trips to Denmark

    Fanø, island in Denmark

    Fanø is a small island in the Danish Wadden Sea, just over one kilometer from Esbjerg on the mainland. A trip to Fanø takes 12 minutes by the ferry, so Fanø is very popular for day trips. But also among owners and tenants of the 2500 summer houses on the island. There are only three villages with Nordby as the largest. We went to Fanø…

  • Trips in Switzerland


    The Feldschlösschen brewery in Rheinfelden, the biggest brewery in Switzerland, founded in 1876 was on our bucket list for long. Eventually we fixed a date for a visit with a guided tour on the premises. A tour on more or less any brewery tells a lot of history, this was no exception. Seeing the huge old copper vessels, the bottling/filling equipment is impressive. We also…