• Trips in Switzerland

    The dam at Verzasca

    Another place we have visited several times. The Verzasca Dam in Tessin / Ticino. Apart from the everyday practical function, this is place of the spectacular James Bond bungee jump – 220 meters!!!! Why James Bond? Well it was here Pierce Brosnan, or his stand-in that is, jumped in the beginning of the movie GoldenEye from 1995. In the movie it was claimed to be…

  • Trips in Switzerland

    Gelmerbahn & Lake

    Really among the best hikes we have made. First take the 106 %!!! ascending Gelmerbahn, Europe’s steepest (in 2017, now there is an even steeper bz Stoos) funicular, leading to the Gelmer Lake. There you have a path around the lake, with an ever changing view for the next 2-4 hours, depending on your pace and need for photo and lunch stops. There are no…