• Trips in Switzerland

    Hiking along Klöntalersee – Switzerland

    Kloentaler lake

    Spring is coming, we are looking forward to getting out and together again, for example for a picnic and barbecue. Here is a great place to start: LAKE KLÖNTAL, Klöntalersee, is a just 5-kilometer long alp lake, almost surrounded by mountains. The area around the lake is well-known among hikers and everyone else who just wants to relax and perhaps enjoy a picnic with a…

  • Trips in Switzerland

    ZUG old town, Switzerland

    ZUG originally got its name after the fisher men pulling fishing nets from Lake Zug, zug = pull/drag. The town, which is also the capital and biggest town in the Swiss canton Zug, is settled by the shore of Lake Zug, Zugersee, with beautiful views to Mount Rigi, Pilatus and other mountains. The old town, Altstadt, is relatively small but interesting with a marketplace and…

  • Trips in Switzerland

    The 494 meters long CHARLES KUONEN BRIDGE, Switzerland

    The Charles Kuonen Bridge, Europabrücke, or the Randa Suspension Bridge, is by its 494 meters a world record long bridge at 2090 meters height a.s.l. and can be reached by several hiking trails. Since its opening late July 2017, it has been on our list of “we-simply-must-go-there-one-day” places. But how and from where? It is not just around the corner, on the maps it looks…

  • Trips in Switzerland

    The Blue Lake

    BLAUSEE, the blue lake, is situated in a huge (200.000 m2) car-free nature park by the river Kander. The lake is really small, but still a true gem. From the parking lot we walked through a mystery wood with huge rocks covered with moss, then arriving by the shore of the blue lake – beautiful – stunning – unreal… It must be seen. On the…

  • Trips in Switzerland


    The Trift Bridge, built in 2009, is by its span of 170 meters, and also one of the highest suspension bridges in the Swiss Alps, a challenging walk for the brave ones 🙂 But the view from the middle of the bridge is fabulous – if you dare keeping your eyes open – to the Trift Glacier itself, the glacier lake deeeeep below you and of…

  • Trips in Switzerland

    The dam at Verzasca

    Another place we have visited several times. The Verzasca Dam in Tessin / Ticino. Apart from the everyday practical function, this is place of the spectacular James Bond bungee jump – 220 meters!!!! Why James Bond? Well it was here Pierce Brosnan, or his stand-in that is, jumped in the beginning of the movie GoldenEye from 1995. In the movie it was claimed to be…