• Trips in Switzerland

    The ALETSCH glacier

    The greatest glacier in the Alps – it‘s HUGE!!!! First of all it begins with a massive 900+ meters thickness of compact ICE, and this ice “river” stretches over 22 kilometres. Terrific, overwhelming, stunning…etc.….The glacier moves about 180 meters per year, 2 cm’s a day 🙂 ending up as cold, cold, water forming the river Massa. It’s difficult to explain a glacier, you just have to see…

  • Trips in Switzerland

    Fasnacht in Basel

    The ”drey scheenschte Dääg”, or the three most beautiful days, are the 3 days where Basel celebrates the ‘carnival’ called Fasnacht. It is the largest carnival in Switzerland and dates back to at least 1376. Due to the earthquake in 1356 there is no older documented proof of the origin. The parade starts from early Monday morning, 4:00AM!!!! All light in the city centre is…