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    SONOGNO, village and waterfall, Switzerland

    SONOGNO – when driving through the beautiful Verzasca Valley, with its lots of photo stops, Sonogno will be the end station, at least when arriving by car. (There is a parking lot, including places for motor homes just before the village.) Despite the low number of inhabitants, less than a hundred (they even speak their own language!!), this beautiful little 800 years old village lists…

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    The Verzasca Valley

    Valle Verzasca, or the Verzasca Valley, in Ticino/Tessin is a beautiful place. One very, very interesting and relaxing place is the river itself, great for swimming in the crystal clear (and cold) water or just a picnic at one of the huge rocks. We always make a stop by the beautiful bridge; Ponte dei Salti, a double arch stone bridge, built in the seventeenth century.…

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    The dam at Verzasca

    Another place we have visited several times. The Verzasca Dam in Tessin / Ticino. Apart from the everyday practical function, this is place of the spectacular James Bond bungee jump – 220 meters!!!! Why James Bond? Well it was here Pierce Brosnan, or his stand-in that is, jumped in the beginning of the movie GoldenEye from 1995. In the movie it was claimed to be…