• Trips in Switzerland

    The Lighthouse

    A LIGHTHOUSE in the middle of the mountains, 2046 meters above sea level, is not a common tourist sight – or common in any sense at all perhaps. But, it’s there, inaugurated 2010 as a slightly smaller copy of the lighthouse at the other end of the Rhine at Hook of Holland near Rotterdam. The lighthouse has a revolving red light but is probably just…

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    Summer in Denmark

    SUMMER in Denmark, finding and rediscovering some really nice and interesting places. The Sand-Covered Church is a 14th century church in the most northern part of Denmark not far from Skagen. Already about 1600 the sand dunes started moving and slowly covered the church – and even small villages, too. In the beginning, people tried to keep the sand away, at times even dig out…

  • Trips in Switzerland

    Loo with a view

    PROBABLY one of the most beautiful locations for a loo!!? After the thrilling experience at the Cliff Walk by Tissot (see the previous post) we went for a hike from Schreckfeld to the restaurant at Grosse Scheidegg and back. The hike is just under 9,5 km in total, following a wide road in very good, mostly paved, condition with little elevation. Lots of ice cold…