• Trips in Switzerland

    CHAPLIN, about his time in Switzerland

    CHAPLIN, Sir Charles Chaplin, is known by all of us. What many perhaps don’t know is the fact that he lived his last 25 years in Switzerland after being banned from the US in September 1952. Chaplin’s, and his wife Oona’s, home was at the Manoir de Ban set on a 14 hectare park close to Corsier-sur-Vevey, near Montreux, until Chaplins death in 1977. The…

  • Trips in Switzerland

    PIZZERIA NAPULÉ, World Champion Pizze in Switzerland!

    PIZZA! This post is not like our normal posts, but sometimes there is just something that we MUST share with you, our dear followers. We had been considering a visit to the Napulé restaurant for some time, especially after reading reviews about it and noting the fact that the owner and Pizzaiolo, Raffaele Tromiro, is nothing less but triple world champion in pizza making! The…