• Trips in Switzerland


    KLEWENALP is a relatively small mountain, about 1600 meters above sea level, with the highest point being the Klewenstock with 1748 meters. We went there on thebrightest possible sunny day in August. Apart from another Swiss mountain experience, we wanted to hike the Alpine Flower Track, a short and nearly flat, but interesting hike. Up to 120 different, some of them very rare, alpine flowers…

  • Trips in Switzerland


    11.674 steps, the longest stairway in the world, then you are there, on the top of Niesen, a mountain with the shape of a pyramid, 2.362 meters above sea level. Well, this is only allowed once per year, during the Niesen Race, so we also had to (luckily) take the 2-section funicular rail. The track and waggons began service in 1910 but is still looking…

  • Trips to Germany

    The orchard

    KIWI trees was honestly something we had never seen before, and not expected to see in this part of Europe. But after a short hike in the orchard by the greengrocer Wenz (there are three routes, one for apples, one for pears and one for plums), we saw at least two kiwi trees, not in pots or protected areas, no, just in open space. Like…