• Trips in Switzerland

    LAUTERBRUNNEN from above, Switzerland

    LAUTERBRUNNEN, and the valley, is probably best known for the many waterfalls, mainly the very impressive Staubbach fall. But with the many hiking opportunities offered in the area, there is so much more to explore. During one of our many visits, we went for a short hike to the fields over Lauterbrunnen – and what a completely different view there was – so we wanted…

  • Trips in Switzerland

    Hiking on WEG der SCHWEIZ, The Swiss Path

    WEG der SCHWEIZ, The Swiss Path, is a 35 km long hiking route along with Lake Uri. It is divided into three sections, from Rütli to Brunnen, but it is, of course, possible to walk any desired distance. It is even possible to start parts of the hike by taking a boat to one of the starting points. The path was constructed to celebrate the…

  • Trips in Switzerland

    MEDIEVAL CASTLES in Switzerland, Canton Solothurn

    CASTLES and medieval castle ruins are present in all areas of Switzerland, some built by rivers, some placed in old town centers, and others built on top of rocks and thus very easy to defend from enemies. This post is about four of these medieval castles and ruins, all in the area within and around Balsthal, in the Canton of Solothurn. It is possible to…