• Trips in Switzerland

    LÖTSCHENTAL, beautiful Swiss valley

    LÖTSCHENTAL, a long (27 kilometers) and quiet valley in the Bernese Alps, offers about 200 kilometers of hiking trails in unspoiled nature with rivers, glaciers, lakes, forest, and view to lots of surrounding 3 – 4.000 meters high mountain peaks. At the end of the main road through the valley, the starting point for hiking is a huge parking place with a fantastic view of…

  • Trips to Germany

    STAIRWAY to HEAVEN in Saxon Switzerland, Germany

    Do you remember when Winnie the Pooh from the Hundred Acre Wood ate all the honey and got stuck in a small hole in a tree, and had to simply wait to get thinner? This is maybe the best way to explain the feeling of the utterly squeezing narrow experience 😊of the HIMMELSLEITER, literally translated to Stairway to Heaven!! A narrow, very narrow, stairway between…