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    WEG der SCHWEIZ II, The Swiss Path II

    Another stage of Weg der Schweiz, The Swiss Path. This time we hiked the short but beautiful part from Bauen to Isleten. The whole part of this trip is almost flat as it follows the shore along the Urnersee, but sometimes through old and dark tunnels, which is actually the originally old road to Bauen.   In some of these tunnels, there are “windows” with…

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    Our little Maggie was poisoned by RAT POISON!

    Update Sunday 19th July 2020: Maggie is really doing well, eats normal, runs around, and plays again. We think all is good now. We are so happy this story has a happy end. Update Tuesday 7th July 2020: We went to the vet for a first check-up. Maggie was a lot more lively, had slept all night without breaks. She had two more injections, antibiotics,…