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The Boat Lift, Alsace, France


The Saint-Louis-Arzviller inclined plane, a long description of a very interesting boat lift on the edge of Alsace, 50 minutes by car from Strasbourg. The first canal, the Marne-Rhine Canal, was built from 1838 to 1853, to be able to cross the Vosges mountains by boat via seventeen locks. Finally in 1969 the inclined plane lift was finished and the travel time of the 314 kilometers was reduced from 6-9 days to just a single day!!

It is an incredible machinery, surprisingly silent. In the past the lift was mainly used by merchant boats, whereas today mostly pleasure boats with tourists take advantage of the fast journey. The Saint-Louis-Arzviller inclined plane is the most visited tourist attraction in Lorraine, more than 150.000 visitors per year, but still not crowded. Actually you can just rent a boat for a few days or whole weeks and try this river trip your self!

See the interesting story about the lift here:


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  • David Newman

    The Boat Lift in Alsace, France, is a marvel that seamlessly blends engineering ingenuity with the picturesque beauty of the region. This aquatic masterpiece not only serves its practical purpose of effortlessly elevating boats, but it also stands as a testament to human creativity harmonizing with nature. Nestled amidst the charming landscapes of Alsace, this boat lift is not just a functional necessity; it’s a captivating piece of art that enhances the overall allure of the waterways. Its presence adds a touch of modern sophistication to the traditional charm of Alsace, making it a must-see for both boating enthusiasts and those seeking the perfect fusion of technology and scenic wonders. Truly a gem in the heart of France’s Alsace region!

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