• Trips to Denmark


    Fanø is a small island in the Danish Wadden Sea, just over one kilometer from Esbjerg on the mainland. A trip to Fanø takes 12 minutes by the ferry, so Fanø is very popular for day trips. But also among owners and tenants of the 2500 summer houses on the island. There are only three villages with Nordby as the largest. We went to Fanø…

  • Food and drinks,  Trips to France

    ALSACE – important wine region of France

    ALSACE – among the most well-known regions, when it comes to fantastic white wine, in France. Since we moved to Switzerland, we have been visiting Alsace countless times every year. The wine-growing area is so beautiful, the wines are extremely delicious and the local dishes too. This first post might be a bit long, but keep on reading. We will be writing more posts about…

  • Trips in Switzerland

    SOLOTHURN, the Swiss medieval town of “11”


    ELEVEN, ELF, UNDICI, ONCE, ONZE, ELLEVE, 11. The number eleven has turned out to be the “holy” number for the medieval town Solothurn. There are so many places and situations where 11 show up. 11 fountains, 11 churches, 11 bells in the cathedral, and even a huge clock, the famous Solothurn Uhr, only showing from 1 to 11 and much more 😊.  Just wander around…

  • Trips in Switzerland,  Trips to Germany

    Hiking to Jakobsfelsen in Switzerland

    The story that was almost not becoming a story….! Our plan was to drive to Merishausen, find a parking spot and then we just had a relatively short hike to Jakobsfelse – Jakobs Rock. The first part went as planned, we found a good place to park just outside Merishausen. Then began our trip upwards to the forest of Verenafohren on the border to Germany.…

  • Trips in Switzerland

    Hiking along Klöntalersee – Switzerland

    Kloentaler lake

    Spring is coming, we are looking forward to getting out and together again, for example for a picnic and barbecue. Here is a great place to start: LAKE KLÖNTAL, Klöntalersee, is a just 5-kilometer long alp lake, almost surrounded by mountains. The area around the lake is well-known among hikers and everyone else who just wants to relax and perhaps enjoy a picnic with a…

  • Trips in Switzerland

    Geograhical center of Switzerland

    ÄLGGIALP is where the geographical center of Switzerland is located. A very tranquil, silent, and absolutely beautiful place with just some 15-20 houses in the relatively flat area, including the most picturesque little 200 years old chapel, a mountain restaurant, and a farm with a cheese dairy making the most delicious alp cheese which can be bought directly from the shelves for a very fair…

  • Trips to Germany

    ROTHENBURG o.d. Tauber, medieval German town

    ROTHENBURG ob der Tauber is a must-see medieval town if you are visiting Bavaria, Germany. During our motorhome trip in Germany last year, this was a long-planned high light. Rothenburg ob der Tauber is simply one of the most picturesque small towns in Germany, full of half-timbered houses, medieval towers, a town-wall encircling the whole center, a crime museum with nasty equipment showing how people…

  • Trips in Switzerland

    A MONASTERY and a MOUNTAIN pass in one day

    This time our day trip was a good mix of CULTURE and NATURE! The first target was the IBERGEREGG mountain pass at just 1.406 meters a.s.l., a beautiful, sometimes steep (13 %) 20 km drive from Schwyz to Oberiberg. In the winter the area is crowded with skiers and snowshoe hikers, in summer a paradise for hiking and mountain biking. In clear conditions, views to…