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Gadget Series – No. 11


Here is no. 11 in our camper gadget series. This is actually more items, as it covers our electric setup.

First, we have a Votronic VCC 1212-50 charging converter and booster. It charges the camper battery as well as the starter battery, when we are driving, or in general when the engine runs. The maximum current can be 50A, but we have set it to 30A to minimise load on the generator. Then, also to charge the batteries, when we are not driving, we have 420-watt solar panels on the roof of the camper. Solar power is controlled through a Votronic MPPT 430 Duo controller. The camper batter is a Bulltron 300Ah LiFePO4. So far, so good for the 12V.

When we occasionally need 230V, we have a Voltima VSC202 pure sine inverter. It can deliver 2000W continuously (as long as there is power on the battery 😊 ) and 4000W peak for 2 seconds. Pure sine is required for air fryer, hair dryer, and various chargers. We are very happy with this setup, and it normally keeps us independent from external connection to 230V.

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