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    Hiking to Jakobsfelsen in Switzerland

    The story that was almost not becoming a story….! Our plan was to drive to Merishausen, find a parking spot and then we just had a relatively short hike to Jakobsfelse – Jakobs Rock. The first part went as planned, we found a good place to park just outside Merishausen. Then began our trip upwards to the forest of Verenafohren on the border to Germany.…

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    Hiking along Klöntalersee – Switzerland

    Kloentaler lake

    Spring is coming, we are looking forward to getting out and together again, for example for a picnic and barbecue. Here is a great place to start: LAKE KLÖNTAL, Klöntalersee, is a just 5-kilometer long alp lake, almost surrounded by mountains. The area around the lake is well-known among hikers and everyone else who just wants to relax and perhaps enjoy a picnic with a…

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    Geograhical center of Switzerland

    ÄLGGIALP is where the geographical center of Switzerland is located. A very tranquil, silent, and absolutely beautiful place with just some 15-20 houses in the relatively flat area, including the most picturesque little 200 years old chapel, a mountain restaurant, and a farm with a cheese dairy making the most delicious alp cheese which can be bought directly from the shelves for a very fair…