• Trips in Switzerland

    The AARE GORGE, Switzerland

    The AARE GORGE, Aareschlucht, a couple of kilometers from Meiringen, is for many a well-known (worldwide!) gorge, made accessible by hard-working pioneers back in the late 1880s. Safe paths and tunnels, and just a few steps, make the gorge available for most people. The gorge is 1400 meters long, in some places 200 meters deep (high!) and at the most narrow places just one meter…

  • Trips in Switzerland

    A medieval village, SAINT-URSANNE, Switzerland

    SAINT-URSANNE, set in a narrow valley by the river Doubs, is a beautiful medieval town in the canton of Jura. Apart from the abbey church, many of the old houses, some from the 14th century, together with the wonderful four-arched sandstone bridge from 1728, gives a fantastic medieval atmosphere in the streets and alleys of this quaint town. A good number of restaurants having outdoor…