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ITALY 2022 – PART 1


On our big trip this year, we went to Italy. We had been planning this for a long time, and finally, we could take off, in our Hymer camper. We had mainly decided to stay with Agricamper Italia hosts and other hosts on our route. On our first travelling day, we came to the winery, Sparano Capelli, south of Milan. Here we tasted some of the lovely wine accompanied by freshly prepared local delicacies while enjoying the view over the rolling wine hills, and also stayed for the night in our camper. We also followed the grape harvest in the vineyards near the estate. The friendly and busy Maggi family has been running the winery for four generations, since 1857. Some of the vines are 120 years old!

The next day we continued to La Fattoria de Parma near Fontanellato. They make the most delicious Parma ham (and many other fabulous hams), salami and bacon here. We also had lunch at the La Fattoria and visited the cellars where the delicious and precious hams are hanging for ageing. For lunch there are so many different hams, salamis and cheese to taste, so we had to come back the next day and have lunch again. 🙂 This is so delicious that you simply have to try it if you are ever coming to this area.

We also visited the new winery, Ariola Wine, founded in 2003 and includes about 70 hectares of vineyards situated a few kilometres south of Parma. Here they proudly make the best sparkling red wine in the world, the 98 of 100 points awarded Lambrusco Marcello Ariola. We also tasted the great Barbian Rosso. We had nicely asked if we could stay there for the night, in our camper, and as they liked our fantastic YouTube videos so much, they agreed on this. 🙂 At Ariola Wine, they have also planted olive trees.

The Sparano Capelli winery:


La Fattoria de Parma:


Ariola Wines:


Our YouTube channel:






  • Stijn Hendrickx

    During searching on the web for roadtrips in Tuscany your youtube channel “Chris & Lene on Tour” was 1 of the hits including the link of this very interresting blog.
    I was wondering whether you have the gpx files of the road trip in Tuscany.
    My Wife and me will visit Tuscany in June also with a camper.
    We from Belgium and also travelling with camper since this year. Before we are started the camping life with a tent later on a caravan.

    Best regards

    • Chris Zilmer

      Hi Stijn, unfortunately I don’t have any GPX files for the route or stops. I hope you still have a great trip. And sorry for the late answer.
      Best Regards

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