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    TODTNAU WATERFALL is just one hour drive from Basel, plus a 10 minute easy hike on an almost flat forest road. It is one of the highest waterfalls in the Black Forest, 97 meters in total over 4-5 steps. The amount of water is very much depending on the season – so is the number of visitors, about 500000 per year, meaning a visit on…

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    The AREUSE GORGE is a magical place; the only sounds comes from the birds, the cascading water falls and some times a passing train. On hot summer days the shadow here is very comfortable. The trail begins at the train station of Noiraigue in Val de Travers (where absinthe was born!). Just follow the yellow signs to Gorges de l’Areuse and Boudry. During the approximately…

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    STANSERHORN is not really a very high mountain, by Swiss standards 🙂, just 1898 m.a.s.l. But still fairly impressive as it rises there from the valleys, and surrounded by lakes and other mountains. And getting there is a complete different experience compared to the other mountains. First part of the trip is by funicular, a train towed by cable. It has been like that since 1893.…

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    GRUYÈRES, or the cheese town as we often name it 🙂 , is also among one of the places we visit again and again. A fine and idyllic medieval town and castle situated on the top of a hill. Some of the finest Swiss cheese variants are made here, and it comes in many different maturity levels, the best are matured for 14 months and has won…

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    WE DID IT!!

    WE DID IT! After the failed attempt earlier (find our post from 16 July), we tried again a couple of weeks ago. It was really well worth the travel time. A bridge from peak to peak in 3000 meters altitude, WOW! Despite the solid appearance it felt very much alive 🙂 But we crossed it – and the view from the other summit was spectacular as well.https://www.glacier3000.ch/en

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      Passing through the village JAUN on a tour from Gruyères (report from there will follow) to Col du Pillon, we visited this stunning and beautiful waterfall. It is even said to be a place of a very strong energy field with up to 13500 Bovis units! For decades the source of the huge amounts of water was unknown. But in 1928 some dye was…