Trips to Germany

The orchard


KIWI trees was honestly something we had never seen before, and not expected to see in this part of Europe. But after a short hike in the orchard by the greengrocer Wenz (there are three routes, one for apples, one for pears and one for plums), we saw at least two kiwi trees, not in pots or protected areas, no, just in open space. Like on the other trees of the orchard it seems the year 2018 will stand out with a massive yield. Walking around in the plantation, where some private people also grow fruit here and there, was a therapeutic experience; very quiet and with good views to the Black Forest from the well-placed benches on the route. It was actually in the reception of the hotel we stayed at, that they recommended this little gem of a hiking area. The Relais & Châteaux Hotel Villa Hammerschmiede in Pfinztal, situated in a park by a small forest, was a great experience. A 5-star luxury feeling, super friendly staff, spacious rooms, delicious food (try the duck liver terrine and ox-rib from Black Forest beef, stewed at 68°C for 48 hours!!, oooohh!) and a nice spa area. Our Hotelcard was also valid here. 🙂 Heidelberg is reachable in 45 minutes and Karlsruhe in 15. More about Heidelberg will follow in a later post.
The hotel www.villa-hammerschmiede.de/?sc=8&&l=2
The plantation (only in German) www.obstbauwenz.de/

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