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ITALY 2022 – PART 4



After visiting the three Acetaias, we left Modena after lunch. We had, what turned out to be a longer than expected, a long drive to our next destination. And the first three places where we had expected to stay for the night, were either noisy, had a too-narrow entrance, or were fully occupied. But then, by using the CamperContact app, we found a nice parking spot by the beautiful 14th-century hill village San Gusmè, with a fabulous view of the vineyards. In the morning we visited the beautiful little village with its narrow alleys between the very old houses and two churches.

Then we drove to Fattoria San Michele a Torri, a big farm producing delicious olive oil, all sorts of products from the wonderful Cinta Senese pigs (officially named Suino Cinto Toscano DOP), eggs, lots of different vegetables AND great wine. We had booked a short tour where we were informed about the farm and the production. We also visited the wine cellar and saw the beautiful ancient (up to 250 years old) terracotta barrels where they kept the olive oil. After the tour, we had a most delicious light lunch with a wine tasting where the “Murtas” Super Tuscan IGT was Chris’ favourite.

On our way to the next stop, we visited another Pharmacy to shop for more mosquito drugs. Then we arrived at the next AgriCamper place where we could stay for the night. There was also a very popular restaurant, the Tenuta Casalta di Branchi Lorenzo, where we pampered ourselves with chicken, truffles, roasted potatoes and a nice wine. Here they also make their own olive oil in small quantities. The access to the camper site was fairly steep, but our Hymer handled it excellently.

Before leaving for more adventures, including visiting a spectacular pasta factory, a lot of hot-air balloons passed over us.

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