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Unterstammheim – home of Swiss hop growers


UNTERSTAMMHEIM is a small Swiss village with just about 900 citizens. We visited Unterstammheim to find out a bit about hop growing in Switzerland. We were in the right area for this, hops have been grown here since the 1930s. And if that isn’t enough, wine and tobacco are also grown here. We stayed at Hopfengut, they have recently opened for stays for motorhomes and have three places for this. First of all, we simply have to mention that we had the most friendly reception including a thorough explanation about what they grow, produce and also sell at the farm. This includes among other things Jersey cattle (very tender and juicy meat!), milk, cheese, hops, of course, marmalades, and wine (for example Pinot Noir, Riesling, and Solaris). These delicious products are also sold in the farm shop. It was really interesting to stay so close to the hops plantation with the 6-8 meters high hops plants. Unterstammheim itself is a beautiful little village, full of half-timbered houses and set in the middle of wonderful vineyards. This is also where we found the wine cellar selling the local wine. Just outside Unterstammheim is the local brewery at Hopfentropfen, making very interesting beers as well as many other things based on hops as well as whisky. There are also two places for motorhomes at Hopfentropfen and a small restaurant. All in all, we were blasted and pleasantly surprised by Unterstammheim, as well as the Stammertal (-valley), it is full of interesting activities and well worth a visit.

Hopfengut, with the places for motorhomes: https://hopfengut.ch/hopfenbau/



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