Our little Maggie was poisoned by RAT POISON!

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Update Sunday 19th July 2020:
Maggie is really doing well, eats normal, runs around, and plays again. We think all is good now.
We are so happy this story has a happy end.
Update Tuesday 7th July 2020:
We went to the vet for a first check-up. Maggie was a lot more lively, had slept all night without breaks. She had two more injections, antibiotics, and pain relief for the stomach and intestines.
The bad news was that we should be noticing if new bleedings start from eyes, ears, nose, or mouth…and the next 4 (FOUR!) weeks are crucial for any worsening of the result of the rat poison.
The next visit is scheduled for Thursday.
First “story”, Monday 6th July 2020:
??? On the night of Monday, at 02 AM, Maggie had a thin stomach with plenty of blood for the first time. In the hours after that, it went worse, and just more and more blood came out. It was very extreme to watch, so of course, we didn’t sleep anymore that night. At 7 this morning Chris went down to talk to the staff at Pilatus Kulm. They were simply so sweet and helpful and we were allowed to drive down with their service train before the first scheduled passenger train. So, off with us and we called the vet. On the way to the vet, it went completely bad, it really became extreme with the bleeding. Fortunately, we had put some sucking pads in Maggie’s basket. Arriving at the vet we jumped in with Maggie and showed them the blood-soaked mats and we were taken to the examination room right away. 
The veterinarian examined Maggie, took x-rays, and gave four injections – two in the vein in a leg and 2 in the body. She thought that Maggie might have had some rat poison or other life-threatening poison. Her temperature was very low due to the blood loss and she showed no resistance to the treatment. We simply don’t know where Maggie got it from, maybe it was scattered where it definitely shouldn’t be. The next days we can only hope for Maggie to get well through the treatment. Our message is if there is blood in the dog’s stool then take it to the vet immediately. The first picture below (which was taken for the vet) is not nice to look at but shows how extreme it was, even if the worst is not showed here. 
This is how it looks when Maggie had the first carbon tablet treatment (she was not allowed to go outside the first day)
Boiled rice and chicken, and some carbon tablets, is the diet for the next days.

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